3 Easy and Cool Storage Solutions For Small Spaces!

Can storage solutions be cool looking while actually being practical? I think so. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Here are some suggestions for easy storage solutions, especially for smaller spaces, that still look nice.

Kitchen Tips

If you’re short on pantry space and have a counter or two to spare, there are plenty of clear storage solutions that will look cool to boot. Take your nuts, dried fruit, rice cakes, chocolate chips, cereal, baking goods and display them. You can also find storage solutions that fit nicely inside cupboards if you don’t fancy having everything out. 



I learned a trick from a friend. If you buy your spices and seasonings in bulk, or large quantities, you can buy clear jars/containers with chalk markers and just fill the smaller containers up and hide the large, ugly containers somewhere safe. There are shelves you can attach near your cooking station and you can display your spices and yes, spices can look cool too….

Spices in Bulk


All of these containers were purchased on Amazon but you can also go to The Container Store for a slightly higher price, you’ll find glass containers that are pretty enough to display if you choose to.

Entryway & Bedroom Clothing Racks

If you live in an older home then I feel your pain! Many of the older homes have little to no closet space. Let’s move on to ways you can add closet space to your home. My niece had one armoire in my sister’s older home so they went to Ikea and bought a modern, black hanging rack. Much like myself, she loves fashion and pretty things so she hung all her pretty clothes on the rack by color and with new wood hangers. There are ways of using racks that can look really chic!

Entryway racks for your coats and for guests that look chic.

This is an Ikea rack that my sister bought. It’s sturdy and looks good!

It’s important to have nice hangers for clothes

And not a miss match of hangers. You can buy them in bulk at Ikea or pretty much any home goods store or online.

Eames Hang-It-All

Nolan Lockers

Batten Storage Bench

I think you have enough to get yourself on your way to a fresh start in your kitchen and home! One thing I find is that when my home is organized and neat, I feel content and can easily get on with my day knowing that when I get home, things are in order.


Hi, I’m Kristen Rivoli. I design premium homes customized to your tastes and needs. I live with my husband, two sons, and dog just outside of Boston.