3 Things To Do To Refresh Your Home This Spring

Looking for ways to give your house a quick and easy refresh this Spring? Green is always a favorite color of mine to turn to when adding pops of color to a home. It can be used as accents in a room or a main focal point. You can also use green with plants and grass by integrating it in your garden in very unique ways. Here are 3 ways to refresh your home and it’s garden this Spring:

1. Paint Your Floors/Create A Unique Garden

If you have an old wood porch floor that needs painting, take this opportunity to add some pizzazz to it and stencil a modern, geometric pattern  or classic stripes. If you’re landscaping your garden, I love the manicured look of a combination stone patio with grass between the tiles.



2. Rearrange Your Furniture

Living Room in 2010



  • put all of your furniture on a large rug (see #3) versus having all of the furniture off a small area rug
  • float your furniture versus having anything pressed up against a wall
  • If you have 2 accent chairs side by side, place them across from each other (see images below for examples)


3. Buy a New Rug

Here are images highlighting all of the Kristen Rivoli Rug Collection in the colorway Flora embracing green.








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